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Bowel Management Bootcamp אי-שליטה בהטלת צואה


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Connect with a specialist: http://bit.ly/1gHzcKY
Learn more about bowel management bootcamp: http://bit.ly/1ottxQn
Learn more about the medicine program: http://bit.ly/1ottELW
Learn more about the enema program: http://bit.ly/1ottLHg
Learn more about the Center for Colorectal and Pelvic Reconstruction:
Learn more about Marc Levitt, MD: http://bit.ly/1ottXGw

The Bowel Management Bootcamp is a seven-day outpatient program for children dealing with the inability to control when stool needs to stay inside or leave the body. This is called fecal incontinence, soiling, or an 'accident.' Most patients that enter the Bowel Management Bootcamp experience incontinence issues. This is a 30 minute introduction to what parents can expect if they decide to attend bowel management bootcamp.

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