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3 HOURS Best Relaxing Music | Mind Illumination | Background For Meditation, Spa, Healing , Yoga

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3 HOURS Best Relaxing Music | Mind Illumination | Is exellent background for Meditation , Yoga , Sleep, Massage , Reiki ,Study. Relax your mind and body during this calming meditative composition. Use it for Zen Meditation, Reiki, Yoga, Spa, Sleep, Massage , Mind Concentration , Balance and Study in background.

It is time for a Deep Dive into a State of Total Relaxation and Concentration with our new meditative Track. Take a look inside your open Mind and experience the feeling of spiritual illumination. Soar high above the Horizon being in Total Weightlessness.
Enjoy a fantastic Combination of Fascinating Oriental sounds and the hypnotic breathing ambience of Outer Space.
Great for Yoga, Meditation, Spa, Massage and Sound Therapy.

Make a perfect relaxation!

Music by Grey Houston
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